• Register for a Meet
    1. Click 'Register for a Meet'
    2. Select your gym from the list
    3. Enter your password, then click 'Login'.
      If it is your first visit, enter 'password' (all lowercase).
      You will then be prompted to enter a new password, which must be at least 8 characters, cannot contain the word 'password', and is case-sensitive.
      Update your roster
    1. At least one coach must be in the meet before any gymnasts can be registered.
    2. Click to add a person to the meet.
      Click to remove a person from the meet.
    3. Click the 'New Coach' or 'New Gymnast' button to add a person to your roster. This also adds them to the meet.
      T-Shirt sizes are CS (Child Small) through AXL (Adult Extra Large). Since each meet offers a different range of sizes, simply choose a "best guess" size, and the meet-director will match your choice with the closest actual size available.
      Complete the information, then click "Save"
    4. Click to update a person's information.
    5. Click the 'Delete' link to permanently remove a person from your club roster as well as all meets.
      Use this when a gymnast is no longer with your club.
    Review gymnast information
    The information on the site will be imported directly into ProScore for use with the electronic scoring, so it is critical that you verify the name, birth date, level, and T-Shirt size for your gymnasts.
    While entering gymnasts, the system may inform you that duplicates were found. This happens most often when a gymnast has moved from another club to your club. They do not appear in your roster, but the system recognizes that it already has their information. The best solution in this case is to move the gymnast to your club, and then update their information.
    If you encounter problems, please email Peter Sawyer at
  • Manage a Meet
    • Analyze Your Meet

      In less than one minute, you can get a detailed report of how many gymnasts are in each level, broken down by clubs.
      Or, you can get a count of gymnasts by Level for each session, as well as many other possibilities.

      1. After logging in to manage your meet, click Actions -> Show Gymnasts
      2. Click "Download as Excel file"
      3. Open the downloaded roster in Excel, then click the Pivot Table button on the Insert tab (or menu).
        Accept all the defaults.
      4. Drag First_Name to VALUES,
        then Gym to ROWS,
        and finally Level to COLUMNS.

DB: wmgfus_registration